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RТ-1V (РТ-1В)

Radiographic film for industrial radiography, two-side non-sensitized. TS 6-41-1480-89 «Svema» production (30х40х50)

RТ-4SH (РТ-4Ш)

Radiographic film for x-ray structural and spectral analysis, two-side non-sensitized. «Svema» production (30х40х50)

RМ-1N (РМ-1Н)

Radiographic film for use in medical and scientific x-ray radiography, two-side non-sensitized with the use of luminescent intensifying screen on triacetate base. «Svema» production (30х40х100)

RF-3 (РФ-3)

Radiographic film for use in medicine for image recording from fluorescent screens, one-side non-sensitized. «Svema» production (70ммх30м)

The X-ray films 

The X-ray film of different modification is used in radiography. The essence of the radiographic method is to analyze various objects with the help of the radioactive isotopes. The irradiation of the object under investigation by the X-ray or gamma-ray beams makes a shadowgraph on the photosensitive layer placed behind the object. 
This method is used in medical, biological and chemical researches and in metallurgical and mining industry as well. The image acquisition is connected with the slackening of the ionizing emission while passing through the materials and tissues and viewing them on the X-ray sensitive film. During the isotopes’ passing through minerals, alloys, biological tissues, various items which have non-uniform density and structure the breaking and dispersion of the beam takes place. As a result the image of different intensity forms. The analysis of the image gives the possibility to judge about the object’s condition under investigation. 
 The quality of the X-ray films has the primary importance in radiological researches. Astrum LLC has a great experience in X-ray films producing for different purposes. High quality X-ray film is intended for X-ray structure analysis in industrial radiography and for X-ray spectrum analysis in medical and scientific.
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29.10.2013 
Реализуем магнитный порошок «Байферокс»
29.10.2013 
Реализация комплекта катушек для аэрофотопленки А-08-240-100.
29.10.2013 
Катушки для аэрофотопленки КТ – 20М СА.
29.10.2013 
Комплект катушек для аэрофотопленки КТ-33СА.