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Our films are used everywhere.

If you need to use (film- , photo material) photo or other types of films in your professional activity or you are just taking a great interest in photography, than you will be interested in the production of Astrum LLC. Astrum LLC is the successor of worldwide known since the Soviet Union times production association "Svema".

For nowadays we have considerably updated manufacturing and widen capacities on the factory. Also we established certified partnership with the KODAK LLC - the global leader of photographic films producing.

The main sort of product produced by our company is aerial film which can be used for photographing in any time of day from different altitude, even from the outer space. Such kind of a film usually used in technological aims. The base of the film - ESTAR - secures moisture protection and flexibility, saves the dimension of the image. The aerial film is stable to the abrasiveness.

The X-ray films produced by Astrum LLC are used in scientific, industrial and medical X-ray radiography. The considerable accuracy of the images achieves thanks to the high quality of these films. The ceiling of gray color gradation and high selectivity promotes this.

In a wide range of the Astrum LLC products film- and photo materials for video filming and photography are presented. The high quality of modern consumables guarantees the ease in usage. We produce different reagents for the image processing because for every type of pickup not only films needed but the photochemistry as well.

The wide choice of given production supposes the using of various liquids and tool kits for every type of films. The final stage of taking photos is photographic paper. This type of product is widely used in industrial, scientific and medical spheres of activity and also for amateur photographing as well.

The photographic paper produced by this manufacturer is able to save all the brightness and freshness of the photos. Thereby, whether you are a real professional or amateur and want to make qualitative pickup and print highly professional pictures you have to use goods produced by Astrum LLC.
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29.10.2013 
Реализуем магнитный порошок «Байферокс»
29.10.2013 
Реализация комплекта катушек для аэрофотопленки А-08-240-100.
29.10.2013 
Катушки для аэрофотопленки КТ – 20М СА.
29.10.2013 
Комплект катушек для аэрофотопленки КТ-33СА.