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Metalized perforated film LM-35P 8I5.106.108 TS-LU, 35 mm wide, used in the crew control and warning systems, ground monitoring, self-control, information registration systems. The film is made on mylar basis.


Black film LCH-C «Svema». 35 mm, perforated, triacetate.


Analogue data recorders film. Intended for recording the data on height, speed and acceleration of the aircraft during the flight with corundum chisel. The film is triacetate based.

Airborne and data recorders tape. 

People call this equipment the “black box”, but the specialists call it the flight data recorder. Actually this box is not a box and it is not black as well. This is air-locked frame (red or yellow) of cylindrical or spherical form. Inside of it we can see the block with the compound electronics stuff which effects automatic recording of the plane system’s condition and the flight characteristics according to the readouts of detectors. They control all actions and negotiations of the crew and fix it in a real time mode. The airborne recorder saves all navigational data about flight altitude, speed, course and the good conditions of the technics.
 Inside of it we can see the block with the complicated electronics, which is accomplishing the automatic records of the airplane system and the flight parameters in accordance with sensors indication. They control all crew activities and negotiations and fix them in the real time mode. Flight data recorder saves all navigation data of high of the flight, speed, the course and the equipment accuracy. After every flight the specialists read and analyze the recorder contents. This information is very important it opens the crew professionalism during of flight, show the disturbances of all permissible standards, which were established by the producer for this type of flying apparatus. The flight data recorder is the main source of information receiving during the catastrophe analysis. That is why the recorders are provided with radio beacon which it is automatically turns on in case of the crush. 
The information carriers in the “black boxes” is be very different. The recordings can be carried out by the mechanic method on the paper tape with the special surface. Also for the data registration are used the tape for flight data recorder, the width is 35 mm, on which are marked the optical signal with the help of the light ray. One more type of the recording equipment is the magnetic recording system. It can be the record on the magnetic type or the metal wire. It is clear, that the information carrier is the very important part of the recorder, with the help of it the engineers can investigate and prevent the air accidents, and the results depend on the quality of it. 
Astrum LLC and Svema LLC joined their efforts in the tapes creation for recorders. The high quality production which is relevant by aircraft construction can be produced with the help of modern equipment and technologies. The perforated metal tapes LCH-35С, LM-35П and К3-63 produced by Astrum LLC serves for recording the crew actions, condition of the airplane systems and data about the flight. All these measures help to increase the flight safety and the reliability of the aviation equipment.
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