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Varnish and paint products

Product name Product characteristics
Varnish, paint and finishing materials for footwear industry
1. PVB spirit finishing material: colorless black. Finishing material is intended for the final treatment of the footwear at the end of the technological cycle of its production with the aim of eliminating small scratches and adding it better marketable appearance. Depending on the footwear production technology different finishing materials types are used.
2. Water-shellac finishing material: black
3. Water-emulsion finishing material: colorless
4. Water-emulsion finishing material: black
5. Footwear finishing wax Footwear finishing wax (either black or colorless) is intended for giving the footwear water-repellent properties; it is applied in the melted condition on the flat end of the sole and its bottom at the height that provides needed properties.
Glass writing pencils «Steklograph» ( 7,65 х 130 )
6. White pencil Wax pencils of different colors are intended for writing on silicate and organic glass, polyethylene and other polymeric materials, porcelain, delftware, wood and other materials.
7. Yellow pencil
8. Black pencil
Varnish and paint materials on the basis of organic solvents
9. Acrylic enamel, white color Acrylic enamels of different colors are intended for application on different types of materials (metal, wood, concrete) with base coating or without it. Acrylic polymeric materials used in enamels add it a range of important performance properties: weatherability, cold resistance, heat resistance, UV-light resistance, mechanical stability, that together significantly increases life durability of the coating in comparison with traditional enamels.
10. Acrylic enamel, red color
11. Acrylic enamel, dark blue color
12. Acrylic enamel, fluorescent, yellow color
13. Acrylic enamel, fluorescent, orange color
14. Acrylic enamel, fluorescent, red colour
15. Acrylic corrosion resistant primer coating Acrylic corrosion resistant primer coating contains corrosion resistant pigments like crown, calcium phosphate, zinc oxide, which prevent or significantly decrease metal corrosion in the process of operation.
16. Acrylic protecting varnish Acrylic protecting varnish is applied on the enamel surface or directly on the metal that both protects the surface from harmful influence of the environment and adds it better esthetic view.
17. Complex coating on metal, acrylic polymeric materials based:
- Acrylic corrosion resistant primer coating
- Acrylic enamel of different colors
- Protecting acrylic varnish, colorless
- Mixed dissolvent
Complex varnish and paint materials provide the whole technological cycle of equipment painting that includes prime coating, painting and varnish coating. The complex includes a special dissolvent that guarantees qualitative finishing of varnish and paint materials to the desired viscosity.
18. Acrylic paint for road markings Acrylic paint for road markings provides quick paint cure at its application to the road practically without traffic interruption, long road markings operating time achieved due to the used polymeric material; the paint has a bright white color and affordable price.
19. Alkyd enamel PF-115 of white color PF enamels of different colors are intended for outdoor and interior works. It is possible to produce enamels of standard colors according to the RAL color catalogue.
20. Alkyd enamel PF -115 of black color
21. Alkyd enamel PF -115 of dark blue color
22. Alkyd enamel PF -115 of red color
23. Urethane-alkyd enamel of white color Urethane-alkyd enamels of different colors, including those produced according to RAL catalogues, are distinguished by high finish, mechanical stability, wonderful elasticity, weatherability, cold resistance and other perfect qualities.
24. Urethane-alkyd enamel of black color
25. Urethane-alkyd enamel of dark blue color
Water-based varnish and paint materials
26. Water-dispersing architectural coating Water-dispersing paints for interior and outdoor works are characterized first of all by ecological safety and low price, especially those of economy class.
27. Water-dispersing silky-gloss paint for interior works
28. Water-dispersing interior paint of economy class for interior works
Supporting materials
29. Old paint remover SP-6 (for PPH, MА, АК, EP, ML and others) Traditional removing of the old paint that provides qualitative removal of pentaphtol-based, oil-based, acryl, melamineformaldehyde and other types of old paint.

Varnish and paint production 

The autumn is coming and this is an appropriate time for apartment or house repairing. It is important to premeditate in time which materials you are going to use and by them for a good price. 
The varnish and paint production is indispensable material for any type of repair and the duration of premises’ good condition depends on their quality. 
Materials released by Astrum LLC are very qualitative and produced by modern technologies. For nowadays Astrum LLC is one of the leaders in producing of wide range varnish and pain materials for repairing, building and industrial purposes. The newest technologies in producing are used with the help of foreign modern equipment installed on the factory and our employees are high-qualified. The quality of the output goods is proved by certificates to indicate that varnish and paint products are ecologically reliable and can be used in industrial premises, domestic houses and apartments. 
Whereas all varnish and paint materials on the water base are practically used for internal and external jobs and comply with the ecological demands they can be for repairing child’s room. In addition you can purchase hydro-dispersion paint which is indispensable for facade painting. This paint does not crack and save the color for a long time in spite of the comparatively inexpensive price. 
The paint materials based on organic compounds produced by Astrum LLC are intended for the external jobs. These materials – enamels, prime coating, varnishes and paints – are frost-resistible and mechanical effective and that is why they can be used not only for premises’ repairing but for road marking as well. Such properties let to apply these materials in regions with various climate conditions. 
The paint-and-lacquer materials for shoemaking industry are very qualitative. As a rule these materials are used to give a water-repellency property that helps to save shoes service life for a long time. 
You can buy paint-and-lacquer materials produced by Astrum LLC in many building stores and hypermarkets of Russia and Ukraine.
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