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Two-side adhesive tapes

Are designed for overlap splicing of different kinds of paper and film materials. Two-side adhesive tapes are PET films with the two-side adhered layer and reeled together with the release material.

Release material easily comes off the adhered layer when the tape is used.

By the customer’s order, the adhesive tapes may be produced with other types and dimensions.


Adhesive tapes LT

Are used to stick together polymeric materials, paper and cartonboard. Adhesive tapes LT are produced on PET or PVC bases.

Standard rolls have the dimensions 19mm х 50m 38mm х 50m 50mm x 66m.Width of the tape and the length of the reeling in the roll are set by the customer’s order.

Sticky and adhesive (scotch) tapes 


The sticky tapes are very practical invention of the modern technologies. With the help of such tapes we can compound not only parts of paper or cardboard but also use them for repairing books, tape splicing, for finishing works, consolidation of windows cracks, gluing pictures and hooks, for the packing of goods etc. 

For the customers’ comfort Astrum LLC creates a lot of different sticky and adhesive (scotch) tapes. The size of the tapes can be defined by the client. These tapes are universal and correspond to all high-quality standards. The functional capabilities of the tapes produced by our company go beyond of the residential use. Some of them are used: 

- In industrial photography and aero photography; 

- For lap splicing; 

- For gluing polymeric material; 

 - Paper- Cardboards; 

- Tape films. 

Double-sided sticky tapes represent the material with the non-drying layer of glue on each side of the tape which is protected by the anti adhesion material. Astrum LLC releases the double-sided sticky tapes on the PET basis (lavsan). These tapes have the high durability of the agglutination and explosion resistibility, good adhesion, thermo- and moisture resistance, the glue does not flow and leak, the tapes also have increased stability to the sun rays or dissolvent and high operational dependability as well. Such types of tapes are used in polygraphs, in producing of polyethylene, paper and films, in the wallpaper and wood-pulp industry to eliminate the ruptures on the roll of film or paper, while rolls’ broaching or gluing. 

The other type of tapes produced by Astrum LLC is adhesive tapes LT, which are also produced on the PET or PVC basis. These adhesive tapes are used for gluing of the special and tape films, photo paper, paper, cardboard, in the refrigerating industry they are used for the capsulation of the external bin. One side of the tape, which is turned into the center of the roll, is covered by a sticky layer and can be glued to the any type of material. The length and the width of the tape roll can be determined by a customer. 

The sticky and adhesive tapes produced by Astrum LLC are universal and complies with the standards.

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