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Cinema and photo materials
Name Format
FN-64 «Svema» in cassette 35 mm
FN-64 «Svema» roll film 35 mm
Photo-100 «Svema» in cassette 35 mm
Photo-100 «Svema» roll film 61,5 mm
FN-64 «Svema» 9х12х200
Negative b/w А-2SH «Svema» 35 mm
Negative b/w NK-2SH «Svema» 35 mm
Negative b/w NK-2 «Tasma» 35 mm
Negative col. LN-9 «Svema» 35 mm
Negative col. DC-5М «Svema» 35 mm
Negative col. TSPN-2 «Svema» 35 mm
Positive col. TSPN-8Р «Svema» 35 mm
Audio track b/w ZT-8 «Svema» 35 mm
Positive b/w MZ-3 «Svema» 35 mm
Positive b/w MZ-3L «Svema» 13х18х200
Negative Micrat-N «Svema» 35 mm (blue-sensitive)
Photo-100 "Svema" 9х12, 13х18, 18х24, 24х30 etc.
Micrat-orto "Svema" 35mm, 70mm (perforated and non-perforated)

Film and photo materials 

Professional and amateur photographers and operators usually think about how to impact something interesting and amazing for blowing up imagination while viewing photos or video frames. It is not enough to be talented photographer. You need to use qualitative equipment for realistic and sharp images and qualitative and safe special film and photo materials in your arsenal as well (also). 
The rhythm of the modern life does not give a chance to find a time for purchasing appropriate equipment in the specialty store to perfect your skills in taking pictures or video. Astrum LLC can help you to solve a problem of time shortage. On our web-site you can chose all necessary products including active storage you need and write down the description of goods. When visiting our stores you can name the needed products to our assistants without wasting time for choosing. 
Astrum LLC is a reliable supplier of a high-quality film and photo materials which are comfortable and simple in usage. 
The wide choice of goods listed in catalogue of Astrum LLC products lets you to choose the film and photo material irrespectively of your photographic skills. The light-sensitive expendable materials produced by such trademarks as “Tasma” and “Svema”, color and black-and-white shots with perforated/nonperforated edges of different formats – it is not complete list of products sell by our company. 
Highly skilled specialists and individual approach to a customer – is a guarantee of stable development of our company. The offered production becomes a choice of many people because Astrum LLC sets a close collaboration with new companions and expands manufacture all the time. 

We can guarantee the quality and reliability of consumables for taking photos and films. You can be sure that the most interesting moments of your life will be imprinted and saved for a whole life for stir up warm memories and feelings.

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29.10.2013 
Реализуем магнитный порошок «Байферокс»
29.10.2013 
Реализация комплекта катушек для аэрофотопленки А-08-240-100.
29.10.2013 
Катушки для аэрофотопленки КТ – 20М СА.
29.10.2013 
Комплект катушек для аэрофотопленки КТ-33СА.