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1. Developing solutions for photographic development of b/w aero photographic films:

UP-2, UP-2М (TS6-41-1025-91) for b/w aero photographic films, UP-4, UP-4М, ASP-3М, ASP-20, N-2, N-3, N-3М, FGM-1, FGM-2 for photographic materials forced photographic development, UP -5 (TS 6-0576-1264.041-91) for b/w aero photographic films, UPB-1(TS 6-17-1259-84) for speed photographic development of b/w aero photographic films, UPB-2, UPP-1 for photographic development of color and spectrozonal materials.
KOSP for speed photographic development of spectrozonal aero photographic materials in rewinding devices AMPP -1, UUPP-2.

2. Fixing solutions for photographic development of b/w aero photographic films:

BKF-2 TS 6-41-1025-91, BKF-7, BFR-1 TS 9605761264.036-96.

3. Sets:

X-ray-1, X-ray-2 TS 96-05761318.99.P-98 for photographic development of radiographic film.

4. Photographic chemistry for «Kodak» aerial films processing


People who are seriously engaged by photography or deal with development of different kinds of films know that qualified reagents are very important for the creation of the accurate photographs. Astrum LLC has selected the high quality reagents for the all kinds of films. There is different photochemistry for the aerial film development, fixative solutions and substances for processing of white-and-black aerial photo films. Here you can find the components which are used with radiological film as well. 

Developing solutions which are presented by Astrum LLC are very “energetic” and are used for the receiving the high contrast and the significant densities of the image. Fixative solutions are intended for different halogen-silver photo materials: films, papers and discs. 

These fixers work more rapidly than usual acid fixing solutions. The presence of some sulphate-ion in the recipe greatly decreases the gelatin swelling and strengthens it. 

All developing and fixative solutions produced by Astrum LLC have approved composition and have a good reputation deserved.

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29.10.2013 
Реализуем магнитный порошок «Байферокс»
29.10.2013 
Реализация комплекта катушек для аэрофотопленки А-08-240-100.
29.10.2013 
Катушки для аэрофотопленки КТ – 20М СА.
29.10.2013 
Комплект катушек для аэрофотопленки КТ-33СА.