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Dactylographic films
Dactylographic films: dark, clear, white according to Technical Specifications 2379-006-00209852-97.
Format (24x30, 18x30, 15x18, 12x15, 9x12 sm) and according to the order.

Film for microparticles collection and transportation - PSM-1
Film PSM-1 is analogues to dactylographic films, but it is produced with the increased emulsion coating deposition that allows to takes finger-print from hairy surfaces, wood and other uneven surfaces. The film is produced by Technical Specifications 2379-007-00209852-99.

Dactyloscopic roller
(TS 1479-01) The working part of the roller is made of silicone rubber - 5 cm.

Dactiloscopic paint
(TS 29-02-771-92 (edition1)

Flat brush (squirrel)
№ 25 with the flat end

Flat brush (squirrel)
№ 24 TS 9677-001-49622523-99

Magnetic round brush
(TS 1483-02) Comfortable to use, has a powerful magnet and a ring on the rod which keeps the powder from moving up

Photographic materials
1. Photographic film «Micrat-orto» - should be developed with red light.
(We perform cutting into the rolls starting from 30 m.)

2. Developers D-76, UP-2М, ST № 2.


Dactylographic films


Production of Astrum LLC intended for the dactylographic examination and successfully used by the police and similar private agencies. 
Dactylographic films: dark, clear and white films produced on the factory are practically used for investigative procedures in close conditions or at the scene of accident. The high flexibility and thinness of these films dives a possibility to take fingerprints from different objects. The excellent qualities of the adhesive layer helps to copy powdered traces for sure. 
The steady cover and transparence of the films produced by Astrum LLC gives a possibility to get high-quality images of fingerprints and footsteps. Mentioned dactylographic films do not turn yellow because of the sun rays and the external heat influence and keep their qualitative adjectives during transportation in adverse weather conditions. While taking prints with the help of dactylographic films produced by Astrum LLC magnetic and non-magnetic powders such as “Sapfir”, “Rubin”, “Malahit”, carbon, cooper and zinc oxides, alcone are used. 
The obtained prints can be saved for 6 months and the fixed images cannot be damaged by boiling in water and under the effect of low temperature under -70 Celsius degree. The tapes are resistant to the ultraviolet rays and the components of adhesive layer are not dangerous to the humans’ health. If it is necessary to take print from the wood, fleecy surface and other roughness’s the tape for microscopic particles’ collection is used. This type of film is similar to the dactylographic film but it is produced with the increased quantity of emulsion coating. The high precision of saving prints is reached thanks to the TMC-1 film produced by Astrum LLC. 
For the powder deposition while taking prints we produce silicon rubber rollers and woolen brushes (squirrel) on the factory. The magnetic brush that does not allow powder to rise up is very usable. In a wide variety of Astrum LLC assortment you can find dactylographic ink as well. 
Such production as dactylographic photo material is presented by photographic film “Micrat-orto” which should be treated by red lamp. We render a service of cutting films into rolls starting from 30 meters.
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