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Black-and-white photographic paper for amateur photography

Photographic paper on barite base (BB) for manual (cuvet) developing and on polyethylene base (PE) for automatic and manual developing in rolls or sheets of the following formats: 6х9, 9х12, 9х14, 10х15, 13х18, 18х18, 16х21, 18х24, 24х24, 24х30, 30х30, 30х40, 40х50, 50х50, 50х60 сm, packs of 10, 25, 50, 100 sheets. Types of surfaces: glossy, semi-glossy, opaque. The price depends on the base density for all types of photographic paper.

Name Contrast range Specification
Unibromine 160 BB
Bromine express 40 BB
4 degrees of contrast Thin, half-cardboard
Cardboard on import base
Bromine portrait 80 BB
Unibromine 160 BB
4 degrees of contrast Cardboard on import base
“Birch” 160 PE
Bromine express 400 PE
4 degrees of contrast Half-cardboard on import PE-base

Photographic paper and films for industrial use
Name Use
Aerophotographic paper B-4 To get photographic prints from aero negative images
Oscillographic photographic paper For photographic recording of oscillating processes in direct-writing oscillographs
Registration photographic paper UF-97 For photographic recording of oscillating processes in direct-writing oscillographs

Name Use
Diazo paper


Rolls (0,878m х 60m)

Rolls (0,878m х 60m)
To get copies with positive image while copying at formation.

Copying is performed through contact exposure with UV-light.

Development in vaporous ammonia.

Photo paper 

The photo paper is one of the kinds of goods produced by Astrum LLC. Buying this production, the customer should know for which purposes it will be used: photo printing, printing of the reproductions and photo pictures, design works etc. Taking into account the purposes, the customers should think about the type of photo paper: for white-and-black or color images with the matte or gloss coating. In this case it is very important to consider the dimension and density of paper. 
For printing black-and-white or color pictures the optimal variant is to use 10*15 format papers, moreover the customer can buy the paper for portrait, painting or reproduction printing of A3, A4 and A5 format. The quality of printing depends on the density of the paper. 
That is why for the photographs the paper with 160-300gm/m density should be used – in this case the photographs will be very qualitative. For printing leaflets and booklets it is better to use double-sided paper with the lower density - 90-150 gm/m. 
The Asrum LLC produces also the specialized photo paper such as photo paper and films for technical purpose, diazo-material, pressure sensitive paper etc.
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29.10.2013 
Реализуем магнитный порошок «Байферокс»
29.10.2013 
Реализация комплекта катушек для аэрофотопленки А-08-240-100.
29.10.2013 
Катушки для аэрофотопленки КТ – 20М СА.
29.10.2013 
Комплект катушек для аэрофотопленки КТ-33СА.